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    universal eagles for SECURITY SERVICES LTD
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The Story

Universal Eagles for Security Services Ltd. is a privately owned company registered in Yemen, a company specializing in providing comprehensive security and safety solutions to a wide range of clients. Universal Eagles has a wealth of professional expertise from diverse security backgrounds including police, military and intelligence communities, all of which can be employed to devise realistic and cost effective solutions related to risk management.

  • Mr. Mohammed
    Al Aswadi General Manager

  • Mr. Sam Farran Senior Consultant

  • Mr. Akram Alhimiary Operation Manager

  • Mr. Ali Alzyadi Training Manager

  • Mr. Hussein A.
    Al-Harazi Operation Director Assistant

The General Manager Message

Dear All,

Universal Eagles for Security Services Ltd. was formed to influence and inspire the security marketplace by providing thoroughly professional and accountable security services. We offer something different, combining enterprise, creativity and fantastic service. Quality is built into everything we do, so we target a market of security users who appreciate a quality service. Our service is personal and transparent with information sharing at our clients' fingertips. Our focus on ethical working practices, coupled with inventive recruitment and investment in our staff has culminated in strong trading performance and market recognition. Our client retention rate is incredibly high and we have a proven track record of real expertise, of meeting our commitments and for providing exceptional value for money. We feel absolutely certain you will find our business methods refreshing and UESS Security has a distinct competitive edge over our competitors. We provide security as it should be! If you are new to UESS, I hope we get the opportunity to meet and serve you and if you need any questions answered please don't hesitate to contact us.

Mohmmed Alaswadi
Managing Director

At Universal Eagles Security Services ltd., excellence is recognized and rewarded and always reinforced. We encourage excellent performance and outstanding achievement in a variety of ways: from daily feedback, promotion opportunities, and from performance based profit sharing to service leadership awards and recognition events. With our continual positive reinforcement, Universal Eagles Security Services employees are inspired to give their best on a daily basis throughout their careers.


Each branch recognizes a security guard and a supervisor to be featured in our bi-monthly employee newsletter. These individuals become eligible for the Company-Wide Security Guard and Supervisor of the Year Awards.
This Program recognizes and encourages

Career Development

Process of managing life, learning and work

Service Leadership

Leading by helping others

Improved performance of duties

Commendation, Recommendation, and Commendation

Appearance & Professional Demeanor

The highest degree of professional integrity, ethics and appearance


The importance of sense of coherence on the career thought processes.

Prompt Emergency response

Emergency Management Planning and Training.

Customer Service & PR

We committed to help you in the most convenient and efficient manner


We perform and maintain our functions in any circumstances

[ Achievement Awards are designed to recognise a wide range of achievement. ]

Realize and deliver all customer requirements by providing value added services and practicing the highest standards of professionalism

Human Resources Department:
• Ensure 16% of relievers are maintained at all times
• Ensure Authorized Suppliers List is updated every six months Business Development Department:
• Ensure annual growth of at least 20%

• Ensure 0% loss of contract attributed to poor service
• Ensure 0% of guards violate MOI regulations

Our approach to security service

Universal Eagles performs security surveys of the site / facility to be protected. During such security surveys the risks and threats to the client are identified as well as the current security equipment installed and the operations thereof are studied. Universal Eagles uses the following structured security survey approach:

Contact us

Whether you want to hear more about our services or you have a question about something, we’d love to hear from you!

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Sana'a, Yeman
Fajj Attan,Next to Azal University
Behind Safer oil company

Tel: +967 1 410099 / 410090
Fax: +967 1 410909
Email: info@universaleagels-ye.com


  • Armed & Unarmed Static Guards

  • VIP Armed Escorts

  • Guarding public & tourist facilities including security solutions for banks, warehouses, shops, stores, schools & project sites

  • Security consultancy, safety assessment & risk management

  • Evacuation to safe havens & airports.

  • Professional Security Training

  • Maritime Security & Facilitation

  • Supply, installation and maintenance of protection and security

  • Surveillance & warning systems

  • Travel Security, reporting & daily updates

  • Secure Transportation Services (VIP, M&G Services)

  • Construction Services

  • Medical Support Mobile Protection & Personal Security

  • Design Services

  • Camp and Catering


In order to qualify our security personnel for optimal levels of performance, our in-house training programs consist of the following:

  • Familiarization, which includes detailed description of the physical location of the sites to be guarded, including entrances, exits, alternative routes and access roads to the various structures within and outside the
  • Public and human relations training, including methods of dealing with clientele, interacting with visitors, handling reporting procedures and dealing with critical situations
  • Carrying out all routine and emergency reporting tasks adequately
  • Methods of using security passes on site and recognition of special / unauthorized areas and their relevant access requirements
  • Handling wireless equipment used on site, if any, and the method of paging
  • Providing security surveillance to major installations and premises of high value
  • Security procedures during ceremonial events and public gatherings
  • VIP body-guarding & escorting
  • Crime prevention, crime scene investigations and physical evidence
  • Traffic and patrolling systems
  • First aid and public health
  • Fire safety and fire fighting techniques
  • Handling and safety of fire arms / Rage? Qualifications and tactics

Training Application

Training Courses